HECUA students discuss poverty and privilege

Urban Immersion Service Retreats

Putting a face on poverty

Through our retreats and Poverty and Privilege Trainings, we create a deeper understanding of the complexities of poverty through team building activities and critical reflection. Retreats of various lengths are a way for groups to experience the many issues contributing to poverty, to serve those affected and to take what they learn and address the issues in their own communities. Poverty and Privilege is a customized training program tailored to the specific needs of individual companies, community and congregational groups. Simulations and other exercises are used to instruct and demonstrate the everyday challenges faced by the working poor.


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Poverty & Privilege Trainings

Questions about Urban Immersion Service Retreats? Contact Gennae Falconer at 612-276-1564. 


A retreat group volunteers with a gardening and landscaping project.

At top: Students discuss and brainstorm during a poverty simulation exercise. Photo credit: Bruce Silcox.


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